Frequently Asked Questions


The seven westernmost counties of North Carolina comprise the 30th judicial district.  The counties included are: Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Macon, Swain, Jackson and Haywood.  For purposes of district court, these counties act as one unified district with six district court judges who rotate from county to county on a daily basis.  For purposes of superior court, the district has been divided into 30A and 30B.  Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Macon and Swain counties comprise 30A and Haywood and Jackson counties comprise 30B.

Membership Eligiblity

All North Carolina licensed attorneys who reside or claim permanent residence in the aforementioned seven counties and who are not otherwise disqualified are eligible to become members of the 30th District Bar Association.  To view the current officers of the 30th District Bar Association, click here.

Are Judges and District Attorneys Members of the 30th District Bar Association?

Yes.  By virture of their licensure in the State of North Carolina and their residency in the 30th Judicial District, Judges and District Attorneys are eligible for membership.

I am not a lawyer, can I join the 30th District Bar Association?

No.  Currently our membership is limited to those licensed to practice law in North Carolina.  However, we do invite members of the public to participate in many of our community service and outreach programs.  If you are interested please contact us using the contact form on this site.

Does your organization provide information on who is the best attorney for a case?

No.  We only provide contact information for the attorneys in our district.  Our website may also contain links to individual lawyers or law firm websites, but such information should not be taken as an endorsement or a reccomendation.  We do not verify the content of these linked sites.  Our association does not rate attorneys, nor does it endorse any particular attorney for any type of case.